Sun Protection Clothing for Kayaking

Sun Protection Clothing – Kayaking Comfortably

Being on the water and gliding swan-like in your kayak, you’d be forgiven for wanting to let your skin brown wearing only a swimsuit. As romantic as the image is, the following day, you may be burnt. Painfully so. Did you know that the sun’s rays bounce of the water blitzing your skin? Wearing a hat is a good idea, as is wearing sun protection, but why not take it up a notch by wearing sun protection clothing? Have you heard of it?

  1. General protective clothing

To an extent, our clothing has always been a form of protection against the sun, even more so in countries near deserts. Some types of clothing are more suitable than others at blocking out those UVBrays. Think of Cotton and Linen; They are breathable and have thread counts strong enough to be a good sunblock while still keeping you comfortable, but they get heavy when wet so they aren’t suitable for kayaking. How quickly would these fabrics dry too? If the weave is really tight, the holes are too small for UV rays to enter, and when it is you, a kayak, water, and the sun, you might be ok. The safest clothing you can choose is designed especially to safeguard your skin.

  1. Reef Safe Sunscreen and Clothing

Enter Sun protection clothing. Designed to be comfortable but with UV protection too.

You know you live in the future that people of the early 20th century thought about when your clothing can be super-powered. The kayaking experience will only be made more enjoyable if you are safe and comfortable. By safe, I am talking about your skin, the most exposed organ you have.

Please make sure, if you are kayaking around coral reefs, the sunscreen you use is coral friendly and is biodegradable. There are several sunscreen brands that produce reef safe sunscreens and it is your responsibility as a kayaker to choose eco friendly sun protection.

UPF, which stands for ‘ultraviolet protection factor’ is made from fabric that has been rated according to how much sun protection it has.

  1. The Best Clothing for kayaking

Choose clothes that are wind proof and water proof. If you want to get wet, then choose sun protection clothing that’ll dry quickly in the sun. You have long sleeve bodysuits, vests, not too unlike wetsuits, but much softer easily available online and in many department stores. Sun protection clothing is no longer niche. There is Global Warming to prepare for, after all.

Australia has had a pioneering sun protection clothing industry, with many Australians brought up with their clothing being added protection against the sun’s harsh rays. Our advice for anyone attempting kayaking is to be like an Australian by investing in specially designed UPF clothing.

What to Wear While Kayaking in the Summer

When Kayaking, special consideration should be given to your regalia to attire. You will need to have  clothing that gives you the safety you require and the perfect ergonomics to pull the best performance. There is a variety of Kayaking gear that we will name and a detailed explanation is given to help in settling for the best:


The ultraviolet effect is an important element that should be considered in your choice. To this effect, polarized sunglasses that completely filters the UV filter and blocks the glare from the water would be very essential. Anglers are also provided the opportunity of having a view in the water with ease.  Here is some help picking the right sunglasses.


A fully brimmed hat that is light in weight and breathable will be good a protection for the face, neck, and ears. With this kind of hat, a mesh-like material is used at the top for heat dissipation. You may also need a sun mask or buff that is breathable and offers UV protection on the face and neck from the sun’s glare off the water surface. This is solemnly a personal preference for the buff application type and design that you will settle on.


Though many people will disregard the glove as being unnecesary, it can be a source of protection in various levels. You can consider a glove whose gripping zone is reinforced with a tough material and all the areas that need flexibility made with a stretching material. This will be important in reducing soreness and preventing ultraviolet effects.


A long-sleeved shirt designed for hot weather and is highly breathable is important during the summer as, without such a shirt, you will be exposed to the unwanted heat. Furthermore, kayaking for long hours with an improper attire can cause great levels of discomfort.

Legs should be secured during this sporting activity. Long pants that dry easily with the option of zipping off to a short would be the best option. You should also consider a breathable type to ensure your comfortability.

Low cut socks and breathable shoes would be my best choice of footwear to avoid getting burnt and reduce the heating levels. Lack of this consideration has led to many kayakers removing their footwear due to discomfort.

There may be a lot of ideas on what to wear and not to – make sure to go over your kayaking trip checklist every time before you go on water. What I offer is based on my years of experience in this sport. You can count on me for an amazing experience.